'General Hospital' weekly recap – Week of 12/9-12/13

By Sari N. Kent,
AJ was acquitted of Connie’s murder due to lack of evidence, Lucy and Scott slept together, Franco killed Heather…or so he thought, Duke yelled at Robert for Julian still being alive, Maxie encouraged Spinelli to with Ellie and baby Connie to Portland, Franco went to Kevin and begged him to take him on as a patient and Lulu and Dante decided to try for another baby.

Maxie interrupted Spinelli and Ellie at the apartment. Before she could find out what they were worried about doing to her she announced that Robin was alive. They told her they already knew because Mac stopped by looking for her and told Ellie. Maxie then said that she could handle anything now but worried that they had bad news. Ellie explained about her job offer in Portland and Spinelli's interest in joining her but they didn't want to take Connie away. Maxie thought Ellie should take the job and that Spinelli should take Connie and go since she'd be less tempted to break the law. She added that if he stayed, Connie could lose both her parents because she couldn’t keep away.

Robin introduced herself as Patrick's wife at Sabrina's door. Sabrina said she knew who she was. Robin realized Sabrina had a lot in common with Emma after learning Sabrina's mother died when she was young. She thanked Sabrina for taking care of Emma when she couldn't. Sabrina replied that she knew she couldn't replace Robin in Emma's life…or in Patrick's. Robin understood that Sabrina didn't replace her but knew she'd found a place in Patrick's heart. Robin admitted to Sabrina that she didn't go home with him after the wedding because Patrick didn't break things off with her. She told her that he couldn't make the decision and Robin wanted Sabrina to make it for him. “Let my husband go so I can have my family back,” Robin asked Sabrina, who said it wasn’t her decision to make, it was Patrick's. Robin reminded her that Patrick didn't want to hurt anyone and Sabrina should make him go back to his family if she loves him.

At the courthouse, Shawn confirmed that Carlos had no connection to Lily's family. Sonny was then ready to proceed as planned. Inside the courtroom, Michael advised AJ to listen to his lawyer after Diane warned him not to take the stand, AJ wanted the jury to hear the truth. Diane then refused to represent him if he didn't listen. He thanked her, and then fired her. Diane left and the judge asked AJ what he had to say. AJ said that he returned to Port Charles intending to be a better man and father, that he was until Connie wrote her article and then he spiraled out of control. He went on to say that after blacking out that night, he can't remember anything but taking the gun from Tracy's safe and going to Crimson, that he doesn't remember killing Connie and believed someone else could have. On cross examination Scott asked if AJ's intent was to kill Connie. AJ confessed that it was, but he didn't remember pulling the trigger. Later, AJ apologized to Michael for torpedoing his case but Michael thought AJ was amazing. Soon after, Scott announced the jury had reached a verdict.

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