‘The Good Wife’ Recap: Decision Tree

By Lena Finkel,

As opposed to last week, which seemed predictable and slow, the newest episode of The Good Wife felt creative, captivating, and smartly written.

The case of the week hit a little too close to home for Florrick/Agos as the plaintiff was… Alicia! Apparently a former client left a ton of money to her in his new will (much to the dismay of his wife). But the wife won’t give up without a fight, and argues that this will is invalid.

And just who is this disgruntled widow’s lawyer? It’s Will Gardner of course! Now, it’s getting pretty old watching Will and Alicia battle it out in the courtroom, and dare I say Will’s little hissy fits have become banal; but with Cary doing the fighting for her, things just got a lot more interesting.

But when Will has to prepare to question Alicia on the stand, he can’t help but let his true feelings for her cloud his vision; because behind all that anger is disappointment, sadness, and above all, love. And while he tries to stump her on the stand, Alicia still manages to outsmart him, leaving him to feel helpless, yet again. None of this matters, of course, because when four more wills are discovered, they’re all ruled invalid.

Meanwhile, Kalinda is busy chasing down the newest Lockhart/Gardner attorney, Mr. Boyle. Their chase seems silly and I can’t help but miss Kalinda's flirtations with Cary and her friendship with Alicia. Besides, I’d much rather see her helping with the cases, than wasting her time with delinquents.

In the background, Eli is dealing with another PR problem with Peter, this time involving his attendance at the Florrick/Agos Christmas party. The whole Peter/Eli plot has been pretty sub-par this season, and seemingly much more secondary than it has in the past. But then Ethics Chair Marilyn drops the bomb: she’s naming her baby Peter. This is about to get a lot more interesting. And yet as unsurprising as this new drama is (I knew that baby was going to spell trouble), it’s certainly not unwelcome. Peter and Alicia’s marriage has been far too humdrum, and I’m looking forward to something rocking their worlds.

While The Good Wife may have let the ball drop a few times this season, this was a great way to end the first half of season five and amp up the drama again. I'm looking forward to what The Good Wife has in-store for us after the New Year!

image: CBS


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