'Great train robber' Ronnie Biggs has died

By Brenda Clemons,

Ronnie Biggs, one of the thieves involved in the "Great Train Robbery," has died in his home at the age of 84. He became a folk legend when, in 1963, he and 14 accomplices pulled off one of the biggest heists in history.

Biggs’ publisher confirmed to CNN that Biggs died in his London home at the age of 84.

Biggs and his co-conspirators held up a mail train traveling from Glasgow to London. They escaped with $4.2 million, reports NBC News. During the heist, one train worker was badly beaten and he died seven years later with many thinking that his injuries led to his early demise.

Biggs was arrested but spent only 15 months in prison before escaping over a prison wall. He escaped to Brazil where he spent most of his life. He returned to Britain in 2001 and spent some time in prison before being released due to poor health.

Biggs was the author of two books: Odd Man Out: The Last Straw and The Great Train Robbery—50th Anniversary Special.


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