Health-care enrollment extended for one additional day

By Amanda Stewart,

The health-care enrollment has been extended until midnight Tuesday, Christmas Eve, after people trying to enroll flooded the health-care website on Monday.

According to USA Today the health-care site is programmed to support the Jan. 1 coverage to all those who attempt to complete the enrollment before the end of the day Tuesday.

Many insurance brokers were not planning to work past today for the Christmas holiday, so the extension definitely caught them by surprise. It is difficult to enroll some clients. While one may only take an hour, another could possibly take as long as two months.

One White House official told NBC News that, technically, the deadline is today, but if people are in line trying to get last minute coverage, they will not be turned away. The administration is comparing it to voting day, where if you are in line at the time that the polls close, you will still get to vote.

Jennifer Palmieri, White House Communications Director, made sure that consumers were definitely trying to enroll today, otherwise they could miss the extra time afforded to them.


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