Daughter’s marijuana-laced candy incriminates her family

By Jessica Starks,

Robert McCoy, of Alabama, was forced to plead guilty to drug charges from over a year ago. The charges came after his daughter was discovered handing out candy spiked with marijuana on her school bus.

The Ravalli Republic reports that the 40-year old and his wife were out of the country at the time of the incident. When officers searched the home, they discovered that McCoy possessed twice the legal amount of weed allowed for medical marijuana providers. A small amount of hashish was found as well.

However, McCoy was not the only one charged. His wife, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law were also arrested in connection to the crime. All were convicted of felony drug charges. His wife, Andrea, was also charged with child endangerment.

The Ravalli Republic also reported that McCoy plead guilty to operating an illegal grow operation, possessing hashish and unlawful conduct by a cardholder. The Hamilton native accepted a plea-bargain agreement that requires him to pay $5,000 and serve from two weeks to a month in jail, notes The Associated Press.

His trial is set for January 2014.


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