'Homeland' downgrades Morena Baccarin, Morgan Saylor from series regulars

By Kyle Johnson,

Morena Baccarin and Morgan Saylor are no longer series regulars on Showtime's hit TV show Homeland.

According to TVLine, who first reported the news, the downgrade from series regular isn't all that surprising as the two saw inconsistent screen time in the third series.

But that doesn't mean they have left the show permanently though, as sources say the two could still show up as guest-stars, which is what Diego Klattenhoff, who plays Mike, did for the latest series.

Fans of the show might be happy though, The Hollywood Reporter notes. The character of Dana (Saylor) had a bigger role during the early part of the series and was a constant issue with viewers.

Firefly's Baccarin was barely in the third series and she was often there just to move forward Dana's storyline. Her pregnancy during shooting for the series likely didn't help much.

"Because Brody was not onscreen and not part of the story in those first couple of episodes, we really wanted to tell the aftermath of the bombing in a more personal way," showrunner Alex Gansasaid said. He noted that Dana and Brody's relationship was stronger than his with the rest of the family.

Though Saylor was seen a lot in the first few episodes, she joined Baccarin on the sideline for most of the last few.

image: Showtime/CBS


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