'How I Met Your Mother' Recap: 'Bass Player Wanted'

By Stephanie Cano,

“Marshall Versus The Machine” continues as he and Marvin make the trek to the Farmhampton Inn on foot. Marshall is slowing down and even hallucinating when out of the darkness a van pulls up. The driver? The Mother. Things get creepy when she starts guessing where he is from and details about his marriage. As viewers we know she already met Lily on the train, but Marshall had no idea until she confesses to playing a trick on him and reveals she actually rode the train with Lily and has been spending some time with her at the Inn.

Meanwhile, the group reflects over the two shattered toast bottles that weekend and Marshall’s absence. Lily vows not to make them pick sides. Out of nowhere, a guy Lily and Robin assume is hitting on them turns out to be a random, unknown wedding guest. The mystery wedding guest also befriends Ted and Barney and later reveals not only that Robin is supposedly on Marshall’s side, but also tells Barney that Ted is moving to Chicago. The truth hurts and Barney feels betrayed he wasn’t told sooner than a day before his wedding.

It turns out the Mother’s band is supposed to play at the wedding, but she is turning around and heading back to the city after she drops off the “cutest hitchhikers in the world.” This is because the lead singer of her band, Darren (mystery wedding guest revealed), is a “devil.” Darren is known for getting into the middle of a friendship and ruining it for no reason at all. Darren also plans to kick her out of her own band, Super Freakonomics, which she is kindly walking away from without a fight (except for some Aldrin style Justice in which she stole his van.) Marshall recognizes the all-too-nice attitude and encourages her to stand up to him and take her band back.

Although Darren did some serious damage at the Inn, his damage is undone when Ted steals the last bottle of 30-year-old Glen McKenna from the Farmhampton Liquor store. Earlier, Barney had declared going to jail for a bro the noblest “nay - broblest,” thing a guy could do for their bro—the dream. In an effort to apologize for keeping him in the dark, Ted did just that. Robin admits she only sided with Marshall because she doesn’t want to lose her best friend and even offers to hold up Marshpillow for Lily to fight with. Lily unleashes all of her anger onto Marshpillow, but is paused when the Erickson clan is finally (and tearfully) reunited.

The group is finally complete and about to make a toast with the infamous scotch, when Darren causes Ted to drop and shatter the bottle--again. Ted punches Darren in the face and causes him to quit the band and leave the Inn. The Mother is so thrilled she buys Ted (without meeting the mystery man who caused her nemesis to quit), a shot of thirty-five-year Glen McKenna.

So far, the Mother is a complete sweetheart and fits in with the group perfectly. Handing over Lily’s “thank you, Linus,” to The Mother was also a nice little touch on the writers' end. The end of the episode was also genius as they cued the fourth and final slap for Barney.

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