Howard Stern contest winner, 86, dies just before date with prostitutes

By Daniel S Levine,

An 86-year-old grandfather who won a contest on Howard Stern’s radio show died just before a date with two prostitutes in Lake Tahoe. He apparently choked on a steak he was trying to eat at a restaurant.

Back in October, Johnny Orris was on Stern’s show with his grandson, who had entered him in the “I Want To Get My Grandpa Laid” contest, according to TMZ. Orris told Stern that he hadn’t had sex since his wife died 10 years ago. He then won the contest and the prize was a night at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada.

Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof told TMZ that Orris had picked two women for his date, but then left to go to a restaurant for a dinner with his grandson at Sage Room Steakhouse at Harvey's Lake Tahoe.

He got a steak and started choking. His grandson and an employee tried to use CPR and he was rushed to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

“Poor guy died before he was able to spend time with the girls,” Hof told RadarOnline. The two women who appeared on Stern’s show and named Orris the winner “are distraught, and are going to need some sort of counseling,”

Stern had held the contest to promote the Jackass movie Bad Grandpa. During the show, Orris revealed that he was a cancer survivor.


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