Incredible Morgan Freeman drawing done with iPad (Video)

By Jessica Rae Pulver-Adell,

British artist Kyle Lambert is causing quite the stir with his insanely creative doodling. Lambert used an iPad to create the likeness of living legend Morgan Freeman in 285,000 strokes. The Morgan Project took him one month to complete.

The original photograph was taken by acclaimed photographer Scott Gries, according to The Daily Mail. Lambert's replica recreates every crease, freckle, finite hair, and texture that comprises Freeman's face.

“I think I must have been watching the movie Oblivion when the idea of Morgan Freeman came to mind,” the artist said, according to Opposing Views.

“I get very involved in my process so spend a lot of time each day on the painting,” he said. “I was spending 9-10 hours some days if a certain area I was working on was complicated.”

Lambert claimed that there's no 'secret' to what he does. “It is all about going that extra mile and spending time on each and every area of your image," he continued. "The most important thing is to spend more time looking at what you are painting and less time presuming.”

Lambert chronicled his amazing artistic feat by recording each stroke on an iPad Air using the Procreate app.

Lambert is a classically trained oil painter.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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