Instagram users can privately share photos with Instagram Direct

By Funke Oyelade,

Instagram users will now be able to choose who they want to share their photos with.

Wired reported that the new feature, which allows private photo sharing, is called Instagram Direct.

The private photo is separate from the users’ main photo stream and allows them to have private conversations about the pictures with the people the pictures are shared with.

Instagram founder Kevin Systrom introduced the new feature at a press event in New York, on Thursday, reports TechCrunch. Before this, users’ could only publicly like a picture.

You can direct message up to 15 people with Instagram Direct. If you and a friend follow each other, than it will be easy to share private pictures, but if you don’t follow someone you have to send a request to them. If the request is accepted, than private sharing can happen.

If you are ever curious of about who is viewing your pictures, you can now see who views your pictures and “like” them in real-time.

Twitter, before Instagram, announced a similar feature that lets you share private pictures and swipe back and forth between timelines. You can view the photos shared through direct messages (DM) online or mobile. Twitter Mobile tweeted about the apps being available for Androids and iOS.

Instagram Direct is available today for Android and iOS phones. Below is a video on how it works.

Video courtesy of TechCrunch.


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