International Space Station partially shut down over cooling pump

By Kyle Johnson,

The International Space Station has been partially shut down after a cooling pump malfunctioned, but NASA stressed that the six crew members aboard were fine.

The problem is that one of the two external cooling loops' valves shut down as it was too cool, The Associated Press reports. Non-critical equipment aboard the ISS have been shut down as a response.

Johnson Space Center spokesman Kelly Humphries said, "It could be a serious problem, but it's not an emergency." NASA spokesman Bob Jacobs echoed that view saying, "The station wasn't ever in any danger."

Jacobs added that they weren't sure yet if a spacewalk would be needed to solve the cooling loop valve problem.

According to The Guardian, the six astronauts aboard hope that by altering some software, the problem will be fixed.

Though it might take a week or two, NASA said the "ISS can stay in current configuration" as a solution is contemplated. The cooling system keeps the temperature on the ISS at a safe temperature.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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