Jahi McMath scheduled to be pulled off life support at 5pm

By Amanda Stewart,

The family of Jahi McMath is fighting to get her transferred to a New York facility that could possibly be her last hope.

McMath is scheduled to be pulled from the ventilator at 5pm Monday. However, according to New York Daily News, the family can try to appeal the court order to have the child pulled from life support to stop that from happening.

All other California facilities have declined taking McMath as a patient. Chris Dolan, the family’s attorney, stated that, “The family is together and today everybody is praying and being together.”

Dolan also said that at the facility in New York, the family is waiting to hear from is an organization that believes in preserving life, according to The Oakland Tribune.

Cynthia Chiarappa wrote, "We have been waiting since Friday -- when we were first told by the family lawyer of a potential facility that might accept the body of Jahi -- for a call from a physician to discuss with our medical staff what may be necessary to transfer the deceased."

The Children’s Hospital in Oakland has yet to hear from any hospital in New York about McMath. To be able to release the young girl, the Oakland hospital will have to be in contact and talk about transportation.

Other facilities that have backed out do not want the media attention that taking McMath on as a patient would bring.

McMath’s family still believes that they young girl has a chance to live and believes that, though she has been pronounced brain dead, that she just needs the time to heal.


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