Jennifer Lawrence shares story of maid finding her sex toys (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

Jennifer Lawrence’s interviews keep getting more revealing and her interview with Conan O’Brien last night even made the comedian look a little uncomfortable.

During the interview, O’Brien and Lawrence got away from talking about American Hustle and he asked her some other questions, including what job she would have if she wasn’t an actress. She said that she no longer answers that question with “doctor,” since that’s unrealistic. So, she’s now decided that she would like to be a maid.

The 23-year-old apparently loves going through other people’s stuff, which a maid would get to do. Unfortunately, her own maid discovered her stuff.

“This is actually really funny. Somebody as a joke bought me a bunch of butt plugs. It's a long story,” Lawrence started, as O’Brien’s face suddenly went red. “I had a copious amount of butt plugs. Tons of butt plugs. All different kinds of colors and the maid was coming so I was like, 'Well I'll just shove this under the bed so she doesn't see all these butt plugs.' She might not know they are for a joke.”

According to the New York Daily News, Lawrence said that she saw these butt plugs all arranged nicely on her bedside table.

“I think she knew what she was doing,” Lawrence said. “They were under the bed. I wanted to leave a note like, 'not mine' or 'bought as joke.'”

Lawrence’s embarrassing story came on the same night that she covered some serious topics in her Barbara Walters interview. She was picked as one of Walters’ most fascinating people of the year and suggested that it should be “illegal to call someone fat on TV.”

image: ABC


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