Jim Morrison would be 70 today

By Brenda Clemons,
Life and legacy remembered by media and benefits

Whether you think of Jim Morrison as an ethereal god or a drug induced lunatic, you have to give the man his due place in rock n’ roll history. As the lead singer of The Doors Morrison fused blues and psychedelic into a new sound that still influences much of today’s music. The Doors remain one of the top selling groups of all time and has been an influence on everyone from Johnny Depp to Bono.

Jim Morrison met an untimely death due to a (probable) drug overdose when he was only 27, which leaves many music critics wondering what the world of music would be like if he had stuck around. After all, the only 3 musicians on par with Morrison all died around the same time he did. Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin of overdoses and Bob Marley of cancer. Would Morrison have cleaned up his act and still be producing music and touring with others from his class: Little Richard, Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop? Msn.com thinks that Morrison would. It wouldn’t be middle of the road either, it would be all or nothing for the Lizard King.

Around the world fans are gathering to celebrate Morrison’s memory and legacy. Of note is the Food Finder’s Benefit at Long Beach, California. The examiner.com states that for the price of a can of food fans can enjoy a day of live music beneath the newly unveiled Jim Coke mural, The Flying Morrison.


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