Jimmy Kimmel interprets Thamsanqa Jantjie's gibberish sign language

By Samantha Ravenscroft,

Fake interpreter Thamsanqa Jantjie’s gibberish sign language was interpreted on Jimmy Kimmel Live by an actual sign language interpreter.

According to the TheWrap, Justin Mauer stood onstage next to Kimmel and watched clips of Jantjie’s signs during the Nelson Mandela memorial and relayed the message, which had nothing to do with what the actual speakers were saying.

"I support basic salutations here salutations," Mauer translated during one clip according to the LA Times. "Inside joining in this week's cigarette inside to prove and on and on. To support, I would please to say from me to you. Talking to you so far."

They had him translate a second clip, which turned out to be more gibberish. "Hello. Welcome so far. Well cigarette join bringing in different to you. Circle," Maeur translated. "And I would like to pray this offering. Basically this is fun, all of these balls to prove this is good. I'm sorry."

Kimmel asked if Mauer thought Jantjie knew sign language at all to which he replied, "No, not at all."

Jantjie told the Johannesburg newspaper the Star that he made nonsense gestures because he suffers from schizophrenia and started hearing voices and hallucinating while on stage

Do you believe him?

image: ABC



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