John Mayer hijacks girlfriend Katy Perry's Twitter account after Stevie Nicks dedicates 'Landslide' to them

By Gina DiFalco,

John Mayer took over girlfriend Katy Perry’s Twitter account after an epic moment in their lives – Stevie Nicks dedicating her hit “Landslide” to them at her concert.

Perry has previously talked about Nicks being an influence on her, telling ABC News that she’s one of her idols and her music “sees straight through my soul.”

Considering this, it’s no surprise Perry freaked out when Nicks dedicated the song to them.

“John here. Katy can't write because she's getting over Stevie Nicks dedicating Landslide to us at the Fleetwood Mac concert. Unforgettable,” Mayer wrote on his “Who You Love” partner’s account.

He then joked, “While I'm at it I have a couple things I'd like to get off my-oh, she's motioning for the phone back. Gotta go!! –JM.”

Mayer and Perry have been everywhere promoting their duet together and Perry even joined her boyfriend on stage in Brooklyn to sing it. Right before the holidays, they appeared on Good Morning America together to premiere the music video.

image: ABC


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