John Oliver brought to tears during surprise Daily Show tribute with Jon Stewart (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

Jon Stewart was not going to let John Oliver’s last episode of The Daily Show go by without getting the hilarious British comedian to tear up. Oliver was brought in to comment on another situation surrounding the British Royal Family, but instead of doing the bit, Stewart paid tribute to the man who kept the show going this summer.

Stewart had just finished making fun of the ridiculous Royal Family facts to come out of the News of the World trial and introduced Oliver as the show’s senior royal correspondent one last time. But then, he stopped Oliver, who looked genuinely surprised when Stewart began thanking Oliver for his years of service on the Daily Show.

Oliver is leaving The Daily Show host an HBO series that will start next year. His profile rose significantly over the summer when he hosted The Daily Show for a few weeks, while Stewart was in the Middle East making the film Rosewater.

After showing clips of Oliver throughout the years, Oliver was overcome with emotion, but Stewart got him to laugh again. At the end of the segment, the producers played “Danger,” which Oliver danced to while covering the Anthony Weiner/Carlos Danger story.

image: screenshot


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