Justin Bieber buys bulldog puppy while in Canada

By Kyle Johnson,

Justin Bieber stopped off at the Ruffin's Pet Centre in Stratford, Ontario while home for Christmas and picked up a puppy.

According to E! News, Bieber purchased a 7-week-old American bulldog, which was sold to the pet store via a breeder.

The brown and white puppy caught Bieber's attention after he first visited the store earlier in the day. He returned and bought the bulldog pup before slipping out of the store's back door due to the crowd that followed the pop star.

The 19-year-old singer's father, Jeremy Bieber, went to Twitter to tell Beliebers that they could possibly have a hand in naming the family's new puppy, teasing that they should follow the pop star if they want to find out more.

The Globe and Mail reports that the dog cost Bieber $600. The store noted that the Bieber family has bought pets through there before.

Meanwhile, TMZ is worried about the young animal going home with Beiber as he hasn't exactly been successful with his previous pets.

He had to leave his pet monkey in Germany before a flight and has apparently not tried to ever get it back and Bieber also gave a fan a hamster that died shortly afterwards.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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