Justin Bieber goes shirtless, seduces sexy model in ‘All That Matters’ video

By Daniel S Levine,

Justin Bieber continues to grow up, at least in music videos. The 19-year-old pop star wears all leather, strums a guitar and goes shirtless all in an effort to seduce a sexy model in his music video for “All That Matters.”

The video for the relatively simple love song features Bieber in a lot of different bare settings, usually with a prop or two thrown in, like a fan or a movie projector. There’s a lot of kissing action too, as Bieber and a model get as close as they can. At first, Bieber’s moves aren’t working, as they don’t kiss, but when they do, the sparks are flying and the camera captures a make-out session.

According to E! News, the model featured is Cailin Russo.

After posting the video, Bieber took to Twitter to explain the song. He admitted that it’s pretty self-explanatory, but added, “I feel like anyone who has been in love knows what I mean. The song conveys that being in love is one of the greatest feelings on earth. Love is all that matters. But the void you feel when that love goes away is gut-wrenching.”

Of course, the video isn't the first time he's gone shirtless. Bieber has used Instagram several times to show off his physique, which once annoyed Olivia Wilde.

image: screenshot


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