Justin Timberlake gives fans the wedding proposal event of a lifetime

By Eduardo Chavez,

It's not often that we see the pop-phenom Justin Timberlake take a quick break from a show, but when it comes as a request from one lucky fan to propose to his girlfriend, Timberlake is more than happy to share the spotlight. During one of Timberlake's performances this Sunday in Louisville, Kentucky, the megastar paused his show to give one lucky fan the chance to propose to his girlfriend onstage.

It was during November that a fan by the name of Joshua Clemons decided it would be a great surprise to his girlfriend Kim Martin if he proposed to her during one of Timberlake's upcoming shows. Joshua contacted Timberlake's team and they responded by agreeing to the proposal for the show.

Then it was during the event that Timberlake, having just finished performing the smash hit “That Girl,” took the opportunity to call the couple onstage. According to People Magazine, Timberlake told Joshua's girlfriend Kim, "Josh called me earlier. He's got something he wants to tell you.”

Timberlake then took a step down and gave Josh and Kim the wedding proposal event of a lifetime. The crowd then became ecstatic and Joshua got on one knee and proposed.

Surely enough, this is one concert event neither Joshua nor Kim will ever forget.

Image: ABC Media


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