Kanye West hires Warhol cousin to paint Kim Kardashian

By Kyle Johnson,

Andy Warhol might be dead, but that isn't stopping Kanye West from getting a Warhol painting of fiancee Kim Kardashian. The rapper has instead turned to Warhol's cousin to paint his girl.

Monica Warhol, who has done paintings of other famous people, has been hired by West to do a portrait of Kardashian, New York Post's Page Six reports.

"She's an icon. She's famous for nothing. Andy would have loved her," Warhol told the Post. "Kim is beautiful. She's so manufactured. She looks like a human Barbie."

Monica Warhol's style is much the same of Andy's as she too does silk-screen works from photos, but she claims it was not done intentionally. "I never studied Andy. I never owned a book about him until about a year ago." She added. Though, it was noted, she actually does all the work herself.

Monica is currently working on a portrait of Lenny Kravitz and two she's done of Flo Rida appear in his music video "How I Feel."

Though West might be happy about hiring Warhol, he definitely was not during a performance on Saturday night concert in Tampa, Fla. He reportedly stormed off the stage after technical glitches made it difficult for him to reach his high standards.

The rapper could be hear cursing out his tech team as his microphone did not allow everyone to hear his "deep voice" and the LED screen was showing his face in color when it should have been in black and white.

image: Image.net


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