Kanye West storms off stage during Florida performance after tech glitches

By Daniel S Levine,

Kanye West did not like how his Tampa, Fla. show was going on Saturday night. Tech glitches made it impossible for him to perform up to his own high standards and the Yeezus rapper reportedly stormed off the stage until everything was fixed.

The Tampa Bay Times reported in its review that only a couple of seconds into his third song, West noticed that the LED screen was not working correctly, since his face was shown in color when it should have been in black and white. He demanded that the lights be shut off “now” and directed several curse words at his tech team.

At another point, he yelled at a “Laura” for not getting his microphone correct so everyone could hear his “deep voice.”

It only took a minute to fix the glitches and West stormed back on stage to perform “Send It Up” as if nothing happened.

The show continued on without any further issues, and featured every song from Yeezus. It also featured a long, typical West rant that lasted 14 minutes and got the crowd of 7,000 restless by the end. During the rant, he said he dreamed he was with Steve Jobs, the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison and Nelson Mandela once.

According to E! News, the Yeezus tour continues through Dec. 23, wrapping up in Toronto.

image: ABC


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