Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham becoming fast friends since the Beckhams' move to London

By Gina DiFalco,

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is reportedly becoming close friends with former Spice Girl turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham.

After Beckham relocated to London with her husband, David Beckham, and four children after living in Los Angeles for a number of years, the two women are said to be bonding over motherhood and their love of fashion.

It turns out, it’s not just the ladies who are bonding over similar interests. Their husbands, the Duke of Cambridge and the retired soccer star, also spend time together. They have common ground such as last year’s Olympic bid and the unsuccessful bid for the FIFA World Cup 2018.

According to Entertainmentwise, it wasn’t until the Beckhams moved back to London that they started getting close to the royals. They famously attended the royal wedding in 2011.

“The Beckhams and William and Kate are becoming very close and regularly discuss everything from parenting to decorating. Kate and Victoria have a lot in common as they both adore art and interior design," a source told Star magazine UK.

"William and David enjoy discussing sport and bonding over being dads, and Kate and Victoria talk about fashion, design and parenting,” added the insider.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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