Kellie Pickler spent Christmas Day performing for troops in Afghanistan

By Gina DiFalco,

Country singer Kellie Pickler spent her Christmas Day entertaining the troops in Afghanistan on her seventh USO tour. She began her tour on Dec. 20 and will be touring the Middle East for nine days.

She documented some moments from the “Every Moment Counts” campaign on Facebook.

"Not every Christmas do you get to fist bump a soldier while dangling your feet off the back of a Chinook flying in Afghanistan. Merry Christmas from the Middle East,” she captioned one photo.

Pickler performed at the Kandahan Airfield in Afghanistan and told the crowd full of soldiers who were away from their families, "There's no place I'd rather spend Christmas,” E! Online reports.

Pickler’s husband, Kyle, is accompanying her on the tour. In a statement, she said the tours have been a “highlight” of her career.

“The USO tours and programs I've been a part of have definitely been the highlight of my career, so I'm honored to join the USO in helping to raise awareness about the many precious moments that our troops and their families sacrifice due to their commitment and service to our country," she said.

"Every Moment Counts is especially close to my heart because it not only recognizes their personal sacrifices, but gives Americans the opportunity to thank our troops with a special gift of a moment."

image: Wikimedia Commons


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