Kevin Costner tries to build up the Browns in 'Draft Day'

By Kyle Johnson,

The first trailer for Ivan Reitman's latest film, Draft Day, has dropped, showing Kevin Costner as the general manager of the Cleveland Browns.

The movie follows Costner as he looks to try and rebuild the hapless Browns through the draft as the fictional GM Sonny Weaver Jr., according to TheWrap.

The trailer shows Weaver Jr. trying to figure out who the Browns will draft with their No. 1 pick, and everyone but Jennifer Garner's character doubts his every move. No one seems to believe he'll make the right choice, and Weaver is threatened with termination. The team owner makes it clear he wants his team to "make a splash" in the draft. Weaver also receives plenty of incredulous looks and more threats as he looks to improve the Browns.

Denis Leary co-stars as the angry coach of the Browns, who has a winning past with the Dallas Cowboys. Ellen Burstyn, Frank Langella, Sean Combs and Chadwick Boseman also star. Plus, there looks to be plenty of cameos from NFL names in the film.

Draft Day hits theaters on April 11, opening against several films that have huge stars, including Rio 2, Sabotage, St. Vincent and Only Lovers Left Alive.

image: Screenshot


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