Khloe Kardashian turns to Instagram to let followers know her thoughts

By Kyle Johnson,

Khloe Kardashian posted a picture of a handwritten letter, giving her followers a little insight into her current frame of mind following her recent filing for divorce from husband Lamar Odom.

According to E! News, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star took to Instagram on Friday.

In the letter she muses on how "everything is temporary" and noting that while we are aware of that we tend to store moments "away in the back of our minds and we continue living our lives as if there are plenty of tomorrows waiting for us. We postpone feelings to another day, another week..."
Kardashian then ends the letter with "Forever is an empty promise."

Shortly after it was discovered that she had filed for divorce from Odom, rumors began to pop up that she was now dating MLB player Matt Kemp, who also dated Rihanna at one point. He was quick to deny those rumors.

Kardashian was also not happy and took to Twitter to dispel the rumors, E! News also notes. In a tweet, the reality star wrote that she didn't "need the extra rumors and BS right now" as she expressed the desire for her privacy.

While she appears to be struggling, Odom has reportedly been seen having the "time of his life" as one source said and that he was no longer wearing his wedding ring.

image: NBC


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