Lady Gaga presented with life-size dolls in Japan

By Kyle Johnson,

While promoting her latest album, ARTPOP, in Japan Lady Gaga was presented with four life-size dolls created by Orient Industry and dressed up in much the same way the singer often is.

According to Japan Times, the dolls are made with silicone skin and accurate anatomical measurements of Gaga. The company that created them for her specializes in "love dolls," and if you don't know what that is, don't look it up.

During a news conference in the Roppongi district in Tokyo, Gaga commented, "They look so much like me. I respect your art ... and the detail you put into the dolls."

Lady Gaga also said that she enjoyed another dish of "shabu-shabu" that "has become a tradition" for her to order whenever she visits Japan.

Though the prototype dolls are not for sale, Mother Monster is auctioning off a Gaga-inspired Hello Kitty doll for her new Tohoku region charity.

Should one decide to rest you head on the doll's chest, you would hear Lady Gaga music instead of a heartbeat, NME reports. Her album went to the top of the charts in Japan, though it has been struggling domestically.

She also announced that she will have an ArtRAVE tour, and made sure to note she will include Japan in any future tour. When she initially announced the shows in November, she tweeted, "Oh my darling monsters, you will years from now know how important the artRave really was. I can't wait to turn it into a tour!"

image: Wikimedia Commons


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