Lea Michele releases new song 'Cannonball'

By Martina Maio,

The Glee actress has taken her talents to new territory with the upcoming release of her debut album, Louder. The singer has officially revealed her first single “Cannonball” from the upcoming album, which hits shelves March 4. The album is currently available for pre-order on iTunes, along with her new single.

“Cannonball” is a contemporary pop-ballad which showcases Michele’s intense vocal range and power. The song reminds me of a track off of a Celine Dion album, reminiscing the tone of Dion’s greatest hits.

The emotional track is about Michele’s struggle to start new (we assume after the tragic death of Cory Monteith). The lyrics imply empowerment, courage, and newfound strength. Knowing the singer’s situation, the song is extremely inspirational.

The single starts off with the lyrics, Break down/Break down/Break down/
I was scared to death I was losing my mind.../ I couldn’t close my eyes I was pacing all night/I think I found the light out the end of the tunnel/I couldn’t find the truth I was going under

Lea erupts in powerful song when she begins to belt out the chorus, And now I will start living today /Today, today I close the door /I got this new beginning and I will fly/I’ll fly like a cannonball/Like a cannonball / Like a cannonball/I’ll fly, I’ll fly, I’ll fly like a cannonball.

The song follows Lea’s journey to starting her new life and letting go of the past. The tone of the singer’s voice is hopeful, and almost rejuvenated. Though the song gets a little repetitive, the message and vocals are simply beautiful.

Along with the release of the single, Michele took to Instagram and Twitter to leak her album artwork and the track list for her anticipated album. The complete track list is below:

"On My Way"
"Burn with You"
"You're Mine"
"Thousand Needles"
"Cue the Rain"
"Don't Let Go"
"Empty Handed"
"If You Say So”

The single has definitely teased us for the highly anticipated spring release of Louder. Pre-order your copy today on iTunes.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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