Lea Michele teases upcoming 'Glee' storylines, says there will be a Rachel and Santana 'shocker' coming up

By Gina DiFalco,

Lea Michele is gearing up Glee fans for a big surprise in the Fox show’s storyline involving her character, Rachel Berry, and Adam Lambert’s character Elliot, Adam, and Santana (played by Naya Rivera).

"You guys have no idea," she said about all of the exciting storylines coming up. "It's so exciting. [Ryan Murphy] calls me every day and gives me all the scoop."

Michele, who just released her first single “Cannonball,” also told MTV News, "I know that me and Adam have a really exciting story line coming up. [Lambert's] Elliott and [my character] Rachel become really good friends," adding, "And there's a big Santana and Rachel shocker coming out in February."

She went on to explain that she hasn’t seen them yet, but the next two episodes were her favorite to shoot. “I can't wait for you guys to see what's gonna happen. It is [juicy]," she said. "I read the scripts and I was like 'Oh my god.' "

Back in October, creator Ryan Murphy confirmed that the sixth season will be the end of the show. The show is currently in its fifth season.

image: FOX


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