Limp Bizkit releases music video for 'Lightz'

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The days of the hard hitting rap lyrics by Limp Bizkit seem to be a thing of the past. The band has released their latest single and music video for "Lightz." The single sounds like a new band has come in and replaced Limp Bizkit but after listening to the track a few times, it seems like the transition is a good idea for the rap group.

Bizkit recently signed to Cash Money Records, which is helmed by Lil' Wayne. That might be the reason for the more modern, unique sound from the band as opposed to what they released in the 90s.

Fred Durst stands out on this track and is featured singing for most of the single but does include a few elements his rapping style. The song is catchy and has a very honest feel to it. The song has an authentic feel but also as a sad tone to the song.

The video for "Lightz" is simplified compared to other Bizkit's videos but does have elements of their classic, weird hybrid rock/rap style. The video also highlights the unique elements of the "City of Angels" that Durst sings about.

The single was leaked early on the Internet, which caused the band to release the song and video early. Dust took to Twitter to explain that the single had been leaked.

Watch "Lightz" here:

image: Wikimedia Commons



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