Linda Cardellini to guest star on ‘New Girl’ as Jess’ sister

By Daniel S Levine,

Linda Cardellini, who scorched TV screens earlier this year during her stint on AMC’s Mad Men, will be back with a guest role on Fox’s New Girl. The former Freaks and Geeks star has signed on to play Jess’ sister on the sitcom.

The news was first confirmed by E! News, which notes that Cardinelli is expected to make her first appearance on the show in February. Her character will be the latest member of the Day family to be introduced on the show, following Jess’ parents, played by Rob Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Fox has described Cardinelli’s character as the “wild child” in the family who gets thrown in jail. Jess (Zooey Deschanel) has to help bail her out, but Jess is also nervous about her meeting Nick (Jake Johnson).

Cardellini got to play the wife of Don Draper’s neighbor and his mistress in Mad Men this season. The role earned her an Emmy nomination. Her other credits include ER, Legally Blonde and Boy Meets World.

The actress is the latest guest star for New Girl, which airs on Tuesdays. Rock icon Prince will appear on a special episode airing after the Super Bowl and Damon Wayans Jr. rejoined the show after appearing in the pilot. Taye Diggs and Adam Brody are also appearing this season.

image: Michael Yarish/AMC


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