Live news broadcasts police-chase suspect getting shot

By Kyle Johnson,

A high-speed police pursuit that was shown live on KTLA-TV as it was unfolding accidentally aired the suspect getting shot after he crashed his car.

The chase ended when the suspect's car smashed into another car at an intersection in Los Angeles and police surrounded the suspect as he exited the Corvette, reports Deadline. The whole thing was being live broadcast by KTLA's helicopter.

An announcer at the station said, "Game over" as the suspect tried to scramble away. The man then quickly falls to the ground as a second announcer quips, "Down he goes." They added, "He's probably pretty injured from that crash. It was a very, very violent crash."

Then the announcers stop talking as they were likely informed that the suspect had actually been shot. The first announcer had the helicopter camera zoom out and spoke to viewers saying, "I'm not sure if those were non-lethal rounds or not, but clearly they hit him with a whole lot of something as he tried to run."

According to the Los Angeles Times, the whole chase started when police tried to pull over the man for reckless driving. The chase took an hour before the suspect eventually crashed his car.

There was no report on the man's condition, just that he was placed into an ambulance and taken to a hospital.


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