Louis Leterrier to direct Sacha Baron Cohen in 'Grimsby'

By Kyle Johnson,

Louis Leterrier has been tapped to direct the Sacha Baron Cohen spy comedy Grimsby.

According to Variety, who first reported the story, Cohen and Phil Johnston sold the spy comedy to Paramount last year.

After Cohen dropped out of the Freddy Mercury project, he returned his focus to Grimsby and met with various directors to take control of the film. Leterrier has been very interested in becoming the director for this project since the release of his film Now You See Me.

Grimsby is a comedy about a British secret agent who is forced to go on the run with his soccer hooligan long-lost brother.

In October, Queen's Roger Taylor opened up about why the Ali G actor left the Freddie Mercury biopic. He said the band met and felt that they "didn't want it to be a joke." They wanted audiences "to be moved."

It might have been the right move for the band as Cohen is known to be somewhat unpredictable and goes quite far for a prank. In November at the BAFTA-LA Awards, the actor appeared to push an old lady off a stage by accident and joke that he had killed her.

image: NBC


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