Massachusetts police find heroin with 'Obamacare' stamp

By Daniel S Levine,

Obamacare is supposed to make it easier for people to get the drugs they need, but heroin is likely not what President Obama had in mind. Massachusetts State police said today that they found bags of heroin stamped “Obamacare.”

Early Friday morning, Trooper Joseph Petty made a routine traffic stop in Hatfield, Mass. after noticing several violations. According to the Massachusetts State police Facebook page, when he found evidence of drugs, Petty called a K9 unit.

Trooper Dave Stucenski & K9 Frankie arrived and found 1,250 bags of heroin. All four people in the vehicle were arrested on drug charges.

Although the Facebook post includes pictures of the evidence (and Frankie), it didn’t note the most peculiar thing about the incident. All the bags had “OBAMACARE” stamped on them in red letters.

According to Politico, Lt. Daniel Richard said that bags of heroin are usually marked to identify the strain in the bags. Each bag weighed 0.3 grams.

“I think it’s whatever the person decides to put on it. So if the junkies who are buying them go, ‘Wow, that Obamacare stuff was really good,’” Richard said. “They label them with everything, so it’s not bizarre.”

Back in 2012, Politicker reported that Obama’s face and name had become a popular for drug branding for LSD and Ecstasy pills since he was elected in 2008.


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