Matthew Perry to pull triple duty for CBS comedy 'Odd Couple'

By Kyle Johnson,

CBS is bringing back the classic movie, play and show The Odd Couple, with Friends actor Matthew Perry set to write, star and executive produce.

Perry is set to co-write with Mad About You's Danny Jacobsen and will play the slob Oscar Madison, Deadline has first reported. The revival has been given a script commitment, plus a penalty, from CBS.

Perry, who has long been a fan of the 1968 movie, said, "Ever since seeing the movie The Odd Couple when I was 10 year old, it has been a dream for me to play Oscar Madison." He added that this chance with CBS has given him a "permanent smile across [his] face."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Eric and Kim Tannenbaum will help Perry executive produce, as well as Carl Beverly and Sarah Timberman.

The Odd Couple followed Oscar and the more rigid Felix Ungar who end up sharing an apartment together and hijinks ensue as their very different personalities clash.

Neil Simon's Broadway play featured Art Carney and Walter Mathau, the latter received a best actor Tony and was in the feature film adaptation with Jack Lemmon. Jack Klugman and Tony Randall portrayed the two characters in the TV show.

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