McDonald’s finally closes employee advice site after latest embarrassing report

By Daniel S Levine,

McDonald’s has finally shuttered its employee advice site, which has provided fodder for late night comics and labor groups who have bashed it for being insensitive to the realities of the lives of fast food workers. The site took another hit this week when it was reported that the site actually suggests that fast food workers avoid fast food.

Back on Monday, CNBC reported that the site suggests McDonald’s workers avoid eating what they make - fast food burgers and fries. The site even included an image of a burger, fries and soda under the label “unhealthy choice.” Right next to it was a sub, a salad and a glass of water under the “healthy choice” label.

The site also offers health advice in another post that read, “In general, people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease must be very careful about choosing fast food because of its high fat, salt, and sugar levels.”

Although the content appeared to be created by a third-party, McDonald’s still defended it initially, saying that posts on the site “continue to be taken entirely out of context.”

But, according to the Associated Press, the site, called McRecourses, was finally shut down on Thursday. McDonald’s still said that the site’s posts created “unwarranted scrutiny and inappropriate commentary” and that some information was outdated.

The McRecourses site had been slammed for providing advice to workers that was unrealistic. The criticism came as fast food workers protested for a raise in the minimum wage.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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