McDonald’s has to get rid of 10 million pounds of Mighty Wings somehow

By Daniel S Levine,

McDonald’s may be a leader in the fast food business, but even it has to deal with a flop every now and then. The company’s recently launched Mighty Wings are its latest flop, with a reported 10 million pounds of the premium chicken item sitting unsold.

Mighty Wings was the latest attempt by McDonald’s to draw in more customers and also came during a wave of other creative fast food items from competitors. According to the Wall Street Journal, McDonald’s produced 50 million pounds of the stuff, but a source told the site that 20 percent of that stock is sitting frozen in a warehouse unsold.

“Mighty Wings are proving once again that we can’t sell premium items in large numbers because we still have the Dollar Menu,” a franchise owner said in a survey for Janney Capital Markets in October. Other franchise owners complained that the item was far too expensive compared to the competition.

The Huffington Post notes that they were overpriced, since they cost over $1 per wing. McDonald’s sold them in sets of three for $3.69, five for $5.59 and 10 for $9.69.

A source for the Wall Street Journal said that McDonald’s will be offering three for $2.99 now.

Since a frozen McRib looks like this, it’s probably not wise to see what these chicken wings look like frozen.

image: McDonalds.com


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