Microsoft creates prototype 'smart bra'

By Funke Oyelade,

Microsoft has created a prototype called a “smart bra” which is supposed to help stop overeating because of stress.

BBC reported that the bra is designed to detect stress which can lead to overeating. The bra appears to be a regular bra but it contains two removable sensors.

The bra monitored the heart rate of the participants, six women, and they reported their mood for six hours during four days.

"It was very tedious for participants to wear our prototyped sensing system, as the boards had to be recharged every three to four hours," Microsoft senior research designer Asta Roseway said.

"Using a bra was ideal for the researchers because it allowed us to collect EKG [electrocardiogram] near the heart."

The participants get data feedback from a smartphone application and the app warns them when emotional eating can occur.

The Los Angeles Times reported that a similar prototype for men as underwear was developed but the readings were not conclusive due to the sensors being so far from the heart.

A spokesperson from the company assured CNN that they are not trying to enter the bra business, “While we will continue our research in affective computing, Microsoft has no plans to develop a bra with sensors."

The researchers said a bra was used since they needed something subjects would wear for several hours at a time and would be somewhat comfortable.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


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