Miley Cyrus flashes Twitter followers for a good cause

By Andrew Wilson,

Miley Cyrus has become somewhat of a media circus, from twerking with Robin Thicke, to singing with a strange kitty floating in space in the background, and back to twerking, this time with Santa, over the last couple weeks for the yearly radio Christmas concerts. Finally doing something a little different, Miley bared her breasts (kind of) but for a good cause.

On Saturday, December 14, Cyrus tweeted a photo of herself outside in the snow, with her shirt lifted up and hearts blocking any real nudity with a “Merry Christmas” across them. The caption read, "Merry Christmas ❤️❤️ THANK YOU NY for being one of the few states to @freethenipple."

Billboard reported the “Wrecking Ball” singer is referring to the indie film Free the Nipple, a documentary questioning the censorship of the U.S. media in regards to the naked female body and lack of censorship in the media to violence. Part of what Cyrus is attempting to do is to turn attention to the film which is struggling to receive backing for a wide release in U.S. theaters.

Image: ABC


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