Montana newlywed accused of pushing husband off cliff pleads guilty

By Daniel S Levine,

Prosecutors have reached a plea deal with Jordan Linn Graham, the Montana woman who is accused of pushing her husband off a cliff just a week after they married. The 22-year-old has agreed to plead guilty to second-degree murder.

Graham was arrested back in September for allegedly pushing Cody Lee Johnson, 25, to his death on July 7 in Glacier National Park following an argument. A day later, the place that he worked at reported him missing. During the investigation, she allegedly lied to police about being with friends, not admitting that she miseld them until July 18. She was then charged with murder in October.

According to CNN, Graham’s lawyers claimed that Johnson took the fall by accident during an argument and that she only lied to police because she feared she wouldn't get to tell the full story of that day.

The Associated Press reports that a judge still has to decide to accept the deal. In exchange for pleading guilty to second-degree murder, prosecutors have agreed to drop the first-degree murder charge and another charge for lying to police. She could still face a maximum sentence of life in prison.

The deal was announced right after the defense and prosecution finished presenting their cases during the trial.


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