Montana newlywed pushed from a cliff after arguing with his wife having doubts

By Jessica Rae Pulver-Adell,

Federal Judge Jeremiah Lynch granted Jordan Graham's release from prison for the duration of her trial. Graham is accused to pushing her newlywed husband, Cody Lee Johnson, face-first off a cliff resulting in his death, at Glacier National Park in Montana. Graham admitted to marital doubts, but claims that Johnson's death was an accident, and not of her doing.

Johnson met his gruesome fate after a mere eight days after his wedding to Graham. The trial is scheduled to begin Monday in the U.S. District Court, and jury selection is anticipated to take at least two weeks, wherein dozens of critical experts will be called on to testify.

Prosecutors claim that Graham "pushed Mr. Johnson in the back with both hands" and plummeted face first to his death at the bottom of the cliff, according to ABC.

Graham claims that Johnson mistakenly fell after she forced his arm away during an argument that turned physical. Fox News reports that Graham told an FBI agent that she and Johnson argued fervently as they hiked up the Loop Trail.

During the argument Graham chose to walk away, and Johnson pursued her by grabbing her arm which resulted her in pushing Johnson.

The Missoulian newspaper reported one of Johnson's groomsman saying that he should not marry Graham.


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