Motives possibly uncovered in Louisiana shootings

By Amanda Stewart,

It may have been that Ben Freeman was really trying to correct some things in his life before police say that he killed three people and himself.

In June, according to ABC News, Freeman agreed to pay his ex-wife, Jeanne Gouaux, over $20,000 in back child support.

However, June was also the month in which Gouaux’s father filed a complaint against Freeman. In October, Freeman plead guilty to one of two charges involving criminal telephone harassment.

In November, Freeman was issued a battery charge against his current wife, Denise Taylor Freeman. His court date was set for January 16.

Thursday, Freeman killed his wife, ex-mother-in-law, and CEO of a hospital he once worked at. He also injured three others in the shootings.

Authorities are still investigating the motive behind Freeman’s actions, according to The Houston Chronicle. It is clear that there was a very complicated divorce and custody issue going on.

The three survivors are still hospitalized. Hospital officials stated that two of them remained in critical condition on Friday.

Freeman was found along Highway 90 at around 10:45 p.m. He had shot himself in the head.


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