NBC drama 'Believe' moves on to third showrunner, goes on hiatus

By Kyle Johnson,

NBC's new drama Believe, from J.J. Abrams and Alfonso Cuaron, is already moving on to its third showrunner.

Executive producer and director Jonas Pate is set to step up as the new showrunner as co-executive producer and former showrunner Dave Erickson is leaving the show, Deadline reports. Erickson joins Mark Friedman who was the first showrunner to leave citing creative differences, which is the same reason given for Friedman's exit.

Pate directed the show's second episode while Gravity director Cuaron directed the show's pilot. Due to the hierarchy shakeup, NBC put the show on hiatus as scripts are looked at and production is set to resume in early January.

According to sources who talked to TheWrap, the issue was a disagreement over what direction to take the show after the pilot.

Though the show has never been given a formal airdate, it is believed to still be on track enough to hit a possible midseason premiere.

Believe is about a young girl, Bo, who has mysterious powers, as she and her protector, Tate, do their best to avoid assassins that are keen to stop Bo. Sienna Guillory was originally cast as one of the assassins, but ended up being written out during the first shakeup.

image: NBC


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