NBC starts promoting ‘Community’ with Joel McHale, posts new teasers (Videos)

By Daniel S Levine,

Fear not Greendale students, Community is back under the guidance of creator Dan Harmon and it looks like the most mismanaged community college on television will be going back in the right direction. Now that NBC has scheduled to show’s return for next month, the network has started gearing fans up with a few new teasers released this week.

The new set of trailers are the first since a 20-second teaser was posted back in December and that certainly didn’t give a taste of the chaos to come.

In the teaser released on Tuesday, we find out what could possibly make Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) go back to Greendale after graduating at the end of season four - he’s broke. Apparently, he spent too much on advertisements, so he’s decided to come back as a teacher.

The next video features some interviews with the cast, who all sound excited to get back to work with Harmon, who had been fired at the end of season three by NBC and Sony. He was re-hired in June after the terrible season four.

On Thursday, we got one more trailer, this time in the style of The Hobbit or Game of Thrones. Basically, Greendale is back to the ridiculous and silly mess that we love.

Community will be back on Jan. 2 without Chevy Chase. Donald Glover is also leaving after the first five episodes, but at least John Oliver is coming back.

image: NBC


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