Netflix says 61 percent of users like to binge watch

By Daniel S Levine,

If you watch more than one episode of a television show in one sitting using Netflix, there’s no reason to feel guilty. You’re not the only one doing it. In fact, according to a new study the streaming service did, almost three-quarters of its users have positive feelings about binge watching.

Netflix had Harris Interactive conduct an online survey of around 1,500 customers who stream Netflix content on their televisions at least once a week. The study found that 61 percent of adults bing watch regularly, while 73 percent have positive feelings about binge watching. It also found that 73 percent believe that watching two to six episodes of the same show qualifies as binge watching.

Interestingly, people do not like binge watching alone. Only 38 percent say going solo is preferable, while 51 percent like to do it with friends and family.

Those who responded to the survey also see binge watching as a nice break from their regular lives, with 76 percent agreeing. And 79 percent said that watching multiple episodes at once makes a good show even better.

So as long as people like to binge watch, Netflix will be giving them more content to do it with. House of Cards will be back in February and Marvel is producing shows for 2015. The streaming service is also the home of Orange is the New Black and the new season of Arrested Development

image: Netflix


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