Netflix will cut 100 titles between now and the new year

By Amanda Stewart,

Netflix is cutting around 100 movies at midnight tonight, some of them beloved classics.

Many people were planning to lay around New Year’s Day and stream movies. However, many of the most popular films are being removed from Netflix, CNN notes.

A Netflix user compiled a list of all of the movies and shows being removed and published it on Reddit. Some of the movies on the list of nearly 100 include: Titanic, Top Gun, Kids in the Hall, and some seasons of Saturday Night Live.

A Netflix spokesperson said that the company does routine cuts, like the one happening Wednesday, because of licensing contracts. However, when the company deletes certain titles, others will be added.

InTheCapital reports that Netflix makes sure that all the movies and shows that are expiring are removed before they expire.

The company purchases licenses that only last a certain amount of time. Just earlier this year Netflix cut around 2,000 movies and TV shows. However, any movies or TV shows that are cut from streaming will still be available via DVD delivery from the company.

A few users may be staying in and bringing in the new year watching their Netflix favorites that will soon be removed.

image: Wikimedia Commons


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