New in Comics: December 18 including Thor and more

By Michael R. Murray,

It’s another week and another week in a cast.  I was supposed to see the surgeon today but that was rescheduled due to an emergency.  So here I sit dictating to my wonderful wife, Ann, who is finished with her finals and willing and able to help me. That’s a good thing because I didn’t ask anyone to write anything this week. I like the idea of guest reviews because while I’m pretty open in my selection of what I read, I’m also pretty narrow in what I think is worth buying and anybody who has read this for any amount of time knows what I like.  So I will get around to asking a whole bunch of people what they think and we’ll do a whole series of guest reviews in the future.

This week, again, I won’t be blogging so much and we’ll get right to the highlights starting with Wake Part One #1, $9.99 from Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy and DC Comics.  This is a collection of the first five issues of the stellar Vertigo series for anyone who missed out.  I really enjoyed the Sci-Fi and horror elements that combined to create a fantastic reading experience.  Personally I’m holding out for the hoped for deluxe hardcover treatment.

Next is Locke & Key Alpha #2 (of 2), $7.99 published by IDW and created by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez.  This is the finale to the Locke & Key story that’s supposedly a horror story but, as in the previous selection, I found it less horrifying and more dramatic and fantastical.  This has the added bonus that it’s been the work of solely these two creators so it has a very polished and comfortable feel throughout.  This book comes in seven different covers by giants in the industry and a boxed set version that collects all seven covers.

Thor God of Thunder #16, $3.99, is a lonely shining light in the mire that I consider Marvel Comics to be recently.  Written by Jason Aaron with art by Ron Garney this is billed as the penultimate chapter in The Accursed!. This story, following the highly successful God Butcher story features Malekith, the same character featured in the new Thor movie.

Extinction Parade #4, $3.99, written by Max Brooks featuring art by Raulo Caceres for Avatar Press is much more popular than I had anticipated.  Not being a zombie guy I had completely overlooked this but it’s turning out to be a very popular series.

…and there are plenty more that are not listed. For a more complete list, feel free to visit your local comic store or favorite site. If you’re interested in more of what I think, follow me on Twitter at Mycomicstore001 or like my Facebook page.

Michael R. Murray is a full-time letter carrier for the United States Postal Service who cannot wait to get this damn cast off.  Not only has it interfered with his work, he is not even reading comics.  He has moved through a number of his novels however which should probably be the bright side. 


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