New romantic comedy ‘Barefoot’ trailer released

By Andrew Wilson,

The trailer for the new romantic comedy Barefoot starring Evan Rachel Wood and Scott Speedman was released, with Speedman as the black-sheep of a wealthy family, finally finding love in Wood, a psychiatric patient raised in almost total isolation.

According to Yahoo, who premiered the trailer, the storyline follows Jay (Speedman) who begs his wealthy parents to help him out with an increasing gambling debt. He has a chance encounter with Daisy (Wood) who grew up shut away from the world and now resides in a mental institution, with the always brilliant J.K. Simmons as her psychiatrist, Dr. Bertleman. Jay decides to take Daisy with him to his brother’s wedding, with the trailer showing Forces of Nature-like trouble on the way.

Entertainment Tonight noted even though it follows the romantic comedy formula, the film provides a more indie feel and the addition of veterans like Simmons, and Treat Williams as Jay’s father, will surely fuel a possibility for movie success.

Directed by Andrew Fleming, who has helmed classic comedy projects such as Hamlet 2 and Dick, Barefoot is set for a limited release to theaters on Feb. 21, 2014.

image: EPK.TV


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