New ‘Terminator’ TV series in the works, will be written by ‘X-Men: First Class’ team

By Daniel S Levine,

Skydance Productions and Annapurna Pictures are developing a new Terminator television series, which will coincide with their 2015 film.

Although the Terminator franchise has reached television before with Fox’s The Sarah Connor Chronicles, this new series will go in a very different direction. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series will begin during a critical moment in the 1985 Terminator and take it a different path. The plan is to make the new film in the same timeline started by James Cameron’s original classic and eventually bring the timeline created by the new series together in some surprising fashion.

X-Men: First Class team Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller have been hired to write and executive produce. The other executive producers are Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier. Annapurna’s Megan Ellison and her brother, Skydance chief David Ellison, are producing with Skydance’s Dana Goldberg and Marcy Ross.

Annapurna and Skydance’s Terminator reboot is being produced with Paramount, which coincidentally just re-started its television division. The film is scheduled for June 16, 2015 and Game of ThronesAlan Taylor is directing. There’s no casting in place just yet, but Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to be back and casting of Sarah Connor is underway.

Skydance is based at Paramount, having co-produced Star Trek Into Darkness and the upcoming Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

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