New York takes brutal beating in 'Godzilla' teaser

By Kyle Johnson,

The first teaser trailer for Godzilla has dropped online and the giant monster himself mostly hides among smoke, but sure has left New York in quite a state.

The teaser will be shown before most showings of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. According to HitFix, the video focuses on the tease, effectively leaving the viewer interested in more.

The video starts with a group of military paratroopers readying for a HALO jump from a plane into some situation. They jump one by one out of the back of the plane and plummet into the clouds. As they break through the first layer of clouds you can immediately tell something isn't quite right as the next layer seems less cloud and more smoke.

They pass through that and the viewer is shown the tops of skyscrapers and the ruined city below. Your first glimpse of Godzilla is the ridged tail high in the air from the viewpoint of one of the commandos. Then the trailer starts showing off the various stars of the movie in quick succession including Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen.

Godzilla hits theaters on May 16, 2014. The teaser is fairly effective, what do you think?

image: YouTube Screenshot


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